The Truth: What It’s Like to Be a 26 Year Old Woman That Lives In a Photo Booth


Since 2013, Lauren Coombs has been living in a twelve square foot photobooth in a tucked away corner of The Smog Shoppe, a hip wedding venue in Los Angeles. In her new zine, Living My Truth In The Booth (Swoonworthy Printers), which comes out in February, Coombs shares her experience of photo booth living. Part memoir and mostly just a bunch of fun little strips of photos, the zine features practical advice on booth living, the trials and tribulations of constantly changing life’s backdrops, walking the line between cute and drunk, and what to do when props betray you.

After being invited to countless showers, weddings, and the ever-necessary children’s first birthday party, Lauren eventually realized that every photo she had of herself was taken in a booth. In an effort to cut out the middleman, she decided to find her very own mono-sided structure to call home. “I was at my friend Lauren, Lauren M.’s, Wedding and just never left!” she explained. “I’m like any other twenty-something, just dating, hosting, and posing as my best self while living out my honest to Goddess truth.”

A self proclaimed “total mess”, Lauren has never been one to regularly clean, but in her booth she can get away with just beating the dust out of the backdrop once a week and calling it a day. “I’m also an avid fan of guys that are into nature, so technically living outdoors is a cool way to relate to them without actually having to hike or anything.”

At that point in the interview, the wedding taking place was just starting to liven up. So, for my final question, I asked Lauren if there were any unexpected difficulties that come with this lifestyle. And as she posed between guests clinging to their moscow mules, she yelled to me over the music, “You know, aside from not having any sort of actual roof or shelter, I just think it’s pretty bitchin.” And with that, I packed up my things and stepped out onto La Cienega.